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Pez Main Page Pez Links! Pez News Pez Pictures! Pez FAQ! Pez History! Hmm, Other Pez Stuff! The Pez Award YOU Could Win!! Pez resently realeased a photo of prototypes of new ghosts series. The "Ghosts" are linked here. They are not Project Q, Pez said, Project Q will be bigger than that. Again these are only prototypes, so the pumpkin will probably not look like that.

Body Parts will be released in the US by Mail order by next year. All of them will be released, but will have different cards and will have no candy.

Project Q is released!! It will be a series of limited edition dispensers starting with the Psychedelic Eye! The diference between the two Eyes will be that the new one will have a copyright "1968 Pez" and will have a thumb tab.

You may now access the new Pez Order form at The PCN (Pez Collectors News) web site. A neat thing about the new order form is that it has a one eight hundred number, making ordering even simplar.

Basic Fun Toys will be releasing licensed Pez Keychains. They will include Peter Pez, the Big Top Elephant, and Uncle Sam. These are still in the prototype stage, but will hope to be out by this spring. These have been seen in Mr. Bulky's and Spencer gifts.

The New Order form has been seen all over in almost every state, and probably can be found in your own home town!

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