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Pez World A nice site, including Pez for sale and Fantasy Pez for Sale.By The Tipton Family

Pez, A Lifestyle A great site with cool pics from a bunch of the Pez Conventions, and some great links.By The Thorell Family

Pez.Org A Terrific Page with downloads like, Pez Breakout, and the Pez Song.

Flip Me Some Pez! My fave site, with about everything you would want including, A Pez search engine to look for Pez for sale, Pez prices and a program to print out your Pez shopping list! By Jamie Gerdes

Rick Roberts Site A nice page with a list of all the current Pez you can get from Canada and the US.By Rick Roberts

We Sell Toys! One of the biggest Canadian dealers has a site, and it is pretty neat with pictures of Soaky Bottles.By Ron Barr

Cookie Jars and Etc... Mark and Peters site with Rare and Current Pez. By Mark and Peter

Drew's Rumpus Room(Suitible for all family members) Drew's Fantasy dispensers are great, you should take a look at these, they're 'da best! By Drew

The Land of Pez!This is Johann Patek's Page, and is a great site for buying hard to find Pez! By Johann Patek

DoriM's Pez For Sale!This is great site to find Pez for sale. By DoriM

Here are some links I have not got around to reviewing.
Ken Hooper's Page!
John Thompsons Pez Racks!

Want me to look at your site? Email Me, and I'll look at it, possibly even put it on the links page!